With the world of technology changing ever so fast in the 21 century, the Credit Card Terminal now, is almost unrecognizable now. If you compare the current types and models available now, to the ones of years gone by, they virtual unrecognizable.

There are new applications now that can be applied to cell phones, turning your phone into a virtual payment center. Quite amazing, when it’s actually thought about in relative terms. There is presently only one such application being marketed, but in time through rapidly expanding technology, the application is excepted to be widely available.

It will be available to most hand held devices. When users apply this application to this device, it will request the standard information that any former Credit Card Terminal required. The type of the information and or data the applications asks for is, expiry date, the credit card number, security code on the back of the card, and the amount of transaction.


Gone are the days, of physically swiping a card, through a manual Credit Card Terminal. Although these types of terminals are still widely used, especially at bigger merchant bases. However, in the advent of technology, these terminals will in the not too distant future may be stacked in the same pile as Cd’s and Desktops. This type of application uses a storage center of the new millenium so to speak. Once all the data is collected from the customer, it is processed to an assigned MobilePOS payment server.

This server, uses a highly sophisticated encrypted SSL Connection, that goes straight to your prescribed bank. Less the amount of time that the older manual payment or credit card terminals took to process a payment, this application, only will take split seconds, and display all and any results on your phone or other hand held device. A confirmation code will also be visible for the customer.

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