When it comes to personal finances a lot of people are against having a credit card. Though everyone has their own opinion on them they often have a lot of perks that a cardholder can benefit from.

The perks of having a credit card:

Track spending: As we all know, spending money is very easy to do. When we use the cash we’re not able to track our spending unless we write it down. Now, when someone uses credit cards they can keep track of all the purchases they’ve made and even look back months that have passed.

Earn rewards: A person can also earn so many different rewards. A lot of credit cards allow you to earn a point for every dollar you spend and then redeem those points for items such as electronics, gift cards and more. If someone is going to spend money they may well earn rewards for doing so.

Borrow money: Though credit cards can help people get into debt very easily they can also help a person out when they don’t have the money to spend. For example, if someone wants to buy groceries on a Thursday and they don’t get paid until Friday, they can use their card and pay off their balance in full when they get paid that next day.

Boost credit score: When it comes time to buy a home or purchase a car we often need a good credit score. Now, in order to build a good credit score, one must have a credit card to show their spending habits. Though not everyone wants a credit card it’s smart to open an account early.

As one can see, there are some great benefits of owning a credit card. So, whether one would like to earn rewards and eventually redeem them for gift cards or they’d like to keep better track of their spending they can benefit in more ways than one.


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